Ricardo Rubio



He was born in Timote, in the heart of this infinite green plain wich is La Pampa argentina. It was there where, in the calmness of the late afternoon, I heard some distant sounds which captivated me; It was the sound of the guitar of a gaucho which preluded a milonga. From that day onwards i would wait for that magic moment at sunset in which someone would, once again, wound those strings. I wished nothing else than to have in my possession those arpeggios which shook me from inside, But I didn´t own any instruments until the day that my parents realised that my favourite game was caressing the strings of a borrowed guitar.
And so it happened...they brought me nearer to that wooden bridge that would take me to the world of music.

I walked along lonely roads discovering what had already been discovered, until one day I directed my efforts towards the course of classical music, in which I finished my studies as a Senior teacher in classical guitars at Universidad Nacional de Rosario.
I had excellent teachers, not only in the academic field, but also in the people, my friends, popular musicians, and the bandoneón of Domingo, my father.
I was awarded at four international interpretation contests ; and i must confess that this really helped me during the first few measures of my career to temper the seventh string…
Very soon afterwards i was granted two scholarships which allowed me to put these enriching and stimulating experiences to good use: The courses of Abel Carlevaro in Brazil and Andrés Segovia in Spain, respectively. Then towards the end of the second course I settled in Madrid.
From that moment on they increased the concert schedule and at the same time i was able to dedicate more time to transcripts, composition of arrangements and a much postponed project : An orchestra of guitars. This is where I met a very talented group of pupils which were sensitive to the idea.
A few years later these pupils became professionals and the project, which was paciently kneading, took final shape in the Guitar Orchestra of Dionisio Aguado.

I started and continue working in the production of classical composers, giving concerts and guiding novice musicians through this directory, but i have always reserved a special place for Latin-American music, not only because of what it means to me, but what it means to the guitar world, and even further beyond.